Please ship your pieces with tracking to the following address. We need all pieces by 4/1/2019:

Christopher Langro

℅ Kaiju Cult

1416 Lively Ridge Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30329  USA

Phone: 404-907-0209

Commission model is 70/30. 70% to Artist. Commission taken from the retail price of the piece. Price outlined on the inventory is the retail price (including the commission fee). We prefer to remit payment via Paypal (Gallery absorbs Paypal fees). Artists will be paid within 3-4 days of pieces selling.

Unsold toy artworks will be made available for sale online for two weeks. Afterwards we will be happy to ship them back, at no extra expense to the artist. 2D artwork must be picked up in person.

Please feel free to share progress and teaser photos on social media, and tag us on Instagram @kaijucult

Please fill out the inventory form. Thank you!