What is BATCH PROCESSING? This is a shipping option for my international collectors who plan to make multiple orders over a period of time and would like to combine their items together in order to save money on shipping. INSTRUCTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS - 1. Choose BATCH PROCESSING for every order you want batched together. 2. When ready to have them shipped, go to the CONTACT page form and type MY BATCH ORDER into the subject line. Please include your list of items, full name as it is in the orders, your PayPal, and your shipping address. 3. You will then receive a shipping bill via PayPal. After it has been paid, your orders will be batched and shipped Priority International with Insurance. This typically costs about $40 to $70 USD depending on size and weight.

What is the return policy?  All sales are final, but your satisfaction is important to me. I do not usually offer refunds or exchanges, but if the piece you purchased arrives damaged, send me an email and I'll work with you to make it right. In the extremely rare event that your item does arrive damaged, notify me via email within 3 days of delivery, and please include a picture of the damaged toy. I do insure all of my PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL orders, so if there is a delivery problem, please notify me. It may take some time, but full refunds can be arranged in the rare event the art piece is never delivered to you. I can not promise the same thing if you choose the FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL option though. FIRST CLASS is cheaper, but it is not insured, and therefore I can not offer refunds in the event problems occur during shipping. All packages do come with tracking.

I want to disassemble my blank soft vinyl toy, but it is not coming apart easily. What do I do?  DO NOT FORCE IT! Before attempting to remove any appendages, heat the area with a heat gun or blow dryer until soft and pliable. Keep the heat gun moving in a circular motion to prevent burning the vinyl. Tiny appendages such as Hagopuss mandibles are strongly advised not to be removed once attached.

I wish to custom paint my blank soft vinyl toy. How should I prepare?  First, clean off the mold release. You can scrub the figure with dish soap and warm water, or with isopropyl alcohol. You can also submerge the pieces in a large pot, or in a clean plugged up sink, filled with freshly boiled water (Do not actually boil them in a pot). Cover it with a lid for 2 to 3 minutes, and then remove the pieces from the water with tongs. Run them one more time under the faucet with hot water, and set them out to dry in a dish rack. Make sure they are completely dry before you paint them. When choosing your paint, I recommend vinyl based toy paints like V Color. Urethane based toy paints are not as durable and can more easily scratch off at joint areas. Always work in a ventilated area and wear a full face respirator when airbrushing vinyl paints, and wear extra thick latex gloves when handling vinyl thinner, since long term use can cause dermatitis. Vinyl thinner is made of methyl isobutyl ketone and xylene, both of which have been proven to cause permanent brain and nervous system damage through prolonged occupational exposure.

The figure I wanted sold out before I could purchase one. Will it ever be available again?  I release multiple colorways of my original figures, but if the figure has disappeared from the STORE and moved to the ARCHIVE, that means the beast has most likely been fixed and no future colorways will be issued. The time/date of my shop drops are always announced through my email newsletter, which you can sign up for on the contact page.

I see you hold LOTTERIES for your painted toy runs. What is the purpose of this, and who is Sympreini the Jinni?  My figure runs are sometimes extremely limited, especially my painted runs. When this happens, there are typically more collectors than there are pieces, so this is the reasoning for a toy lottery. My goal is to make it fair for everyone wishing to collect. With a lottery, everyone has the same chance percentage. All Wonder Goblin lotteries are free to enter. Only the entries selected by Sympreini the Jinni, the random number picker, will be expected to pay. More information about Sympreini can be found by CLICKING HERE. For larger runs, I usually handle sales by holding Shop Drops, since they are straightforward and easy. Following me on Instagram @wondergoblin or signing up for the newsletter is the best way to find out when these occur.

Is checkout secure?  Yes. This entire site has been secured with an SSL, and the credit card checkout process is powered by Stripe. We are also PayPal verified.

I'm having nightmares about your creations. What should I do?  Stay calm. This is a completely normal side effect my toys seem to have on certain sensitive types. Next time they enter your dreams, try interacting with the creatures instead of running from them. Offer them sweets, or ask them if they'd like to play hide'n'seek with you. Befriend the monsters. Love the monsters. For you are a member of the human race and a monster yourself.