Hello folks, my name is James Sizemore, and I'm a monster maker. You clicked this tab to learn a little something about the Wonder Goblin Toy Company and the person behind it, so here's the rundown, quick and to the point - Monsters, monsters, we've got monsters! What kind? All kinds! Original monsters from my very own melon, beasts from cryptozoological folklore, and abominable collaborations with radically talented friends of mine. Why monsters, you ask? I've been making them ever since I was a kid, and I just can't seem to break the habit.

In addition to toymaking, I'm also a filmmaker and practical FX artist. I wrote, directed, and made the monsters for the film festival hits “Goat Witch” and “The Demon’s Rook”. I have a strong fondness for old kaiju films, rare toys and marbles, oil painting, stoner metal, blueberry smoothies, and costume parties. I reside and create out of my workshop of horrors in the countryside of Georgia. You can see more of my work at plainjames.com and follow me @wondergoblin on Instagram. Thanks for looking and have a fantastical day!